• The Forbidden Apple in Red

    Red is a group traveling exhibition organized by Jewel Envy studio members across different provinces in Canada.
    The colour red has numerous connotations. I am reminded of characters in fairy tales: Snow WhiteLittle Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland. In each of these stories the colour red was used symbolically in their illustrations. In response to this I have created mirror lockets to depict these stories either literally or abstractly. While red itself catches the attention of the reader, it is also a message that signifies death, sexual maturity, power, and anger.
    This particular piece of jewellery is designed for Snow White. In Snow White, the forbidden red apple brings her to her death. I’ve used the apple as a metaphor and turned it into a locket that depicts the apple as a whole, as a slice, as well as with a bite. These depictions are to remind us to be cautious to our surroundings and that things may not be as they appear.

    Hydralic press and sculpturing.
    Sterling silver, copper, mirror, sculpey and flocking.

    $500.00 CAD MSRP