What do you think about Diamond?

August 14th, 2013  .  by ellolite

When you see diamonds, what comes across your mind? Do you believe ” A diamond is forever ” according to De Beers? Or are you anti-diamond? Well I think most of women love diamonds which they give you vain and fame. After three weeks of intense studying about diamonds, I see them differently now. No doubt, diamond is precious and rare, especially a good quality ones such as IF and color D. When I first hold it up with a tweezer and looking at it under light, I certainly fall in love with its brightness, sparkles and fire. It is so lovely that I just put it on my finger and see how fabulous it looks on my hand.

Now, I examine diamonds under microscope and loupe. I look at its porpotion, crown angle, pavilion depth, symmetry and polish. Each specific detail will significantly affect their looks. Of course, the inclusion and color will also influence  the clarity and grade of a diamond. I admire cutter and planer, although most of diamonds are computerized machine cut now a day. Technology has been improving and have more ability, allowing mining company to supply more diamonds for high demands from markets for industrial use and for feeding people’s desire. Unfortunately, they somehow destroy our earth by creating enormous deep holes. It seems like that they would do anything if miners find that if this area is profitable. I wonder when we or our future generation will pay it back.

I am probably conflicting myself here. I love diamonds, but I also care about our environment and earth. Looking from the bright side,  we have lab for producing synthetic diamonds. But,  they can’t afford the amount of demand and cost. Anyways, loupe grading exam is coming next week. I am sooooooooo NERVOUS ><