September 16th, 2012  .  by ellolite

One day, Kathy came to me with diamond ring and wondered if I could recreate it into a pendant/necklace for her. “Yes, I can definitely do that for you!”, I said.
The ring had fourteen diamonds channel set on 18K yellow gold with rhodium plating. Diamonds are sparkling, but the ring itself is looking ready to retired. My challenge was to transform it into a completely different object. It is avant-garde and representational of Kathy.

lost wax carving









Lost wax carving is done and ready to cast.

beaded ball chain with silver pendent









Connecting the chain onto the piece. It’s important to choose the right style of the chain that goes well with the pendant. I chose tube settings for some diamonds inside the circle; hence they matched up with beaded ball chain.

diamonds on a figured eight pendent








Lay out the diamonds and they are ready to be set!


necklace with a pendant with diamonds



















Here comes to the end! The pendant is finished. What a satisfactory!
18 K White Gold,14 diamonds