August 29th, 2012  .  by ellolite

Hello friends! As you may notice, I have changed my name Primula to Ellolite. Ellolite is originated from a combination of my name, Ellen, plus ammolite, which it equals Ellolite! It’s a fresh start and I am very excited for all the new things coming in the future. Although I switched to WordPress, I didn’t abandon my history. Most posts were transferred from http://chiachien-tsai.blogspot.ca/ to the new home at http://ellolite.wordpress.com/

Here are some exciting announcements for everyone! Ellolite will have a website soon. Please stay in tune, I will keep everyone updated. Last but not least, Red is traveling to Kootenay Gallery of Art in Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada. The exhibition will begin on September 21st to Novemember 3rd, 2012. The open reception will be hold on September 21st. If you missed all the previous shows, this will be your last chance to check out our inspirational creation for RED.

kootenay gallery of art red e-invite